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Dedicated to Those Who

Directed by Jules Retzlaff

Dedicated To Those Who is an album that explores the relation between community, revolution, resistance, and artistry as an example of love.

Dedicated To Those Who is a commitment to liberation. To the people of San Francisco. The Album is Music and Film dedicated to the question that we have seen erupt from the community here by the bay. What does freedom look like? What does justice look like? Dedicated serves as a reminder that the people here in San Francisco are as beautiful as the world. San Francisco holds a blueprint to freedom. San Francisco is the world. The same goes for any community. Any community under attack, any community rising in resistance, and any community lost in this distorted reality we call “today”, is a microcosm of the beautiful and the ugly that our systems and our communities exist with, and in.

San Francisco is unique just as any community is unique. The people of San Francisco sit with their own beauty, their own struggles, their own shortcomings, their own confusion, and their own genius. Frisco isn’t better then anyone, except for when it comes to loving the fog. Frisco is just Frisco. San Francisco experiences what the world experiences. There are always differences in how realities manifest, but the illnesses of humans live here. Racism, Sexism, Classism, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Transphobia, Homelessness, police brutality, evictions and many more societal sicknesses fester here.

We don’t always see each other fully, we don’t love eachother through and through, we don’t know how to be true and free, and we hurt each other. The system hurts us. The system makes it easy to be complacent. The system helps us hurt each other. These patterns are systemic. These patterns serve greed, and selfishness. A system is just a system. A system doesn’t smile. A system doesn’t buy your homies art piece. A system doesn’t tell us to give our money to the mom and pop pupuseria or the homegirls vegan food truck. The system gives life to the IDEA of money. The system doesn’t tell us to sacrifice some comfortability so someone else can have a meal. The system doesn’t show us how to love each other. Despite the system, the man, the white man, the powers that be; the people and our love always shine through even when we are lost. even when the layers of oppression become so thick that you tend to not know who you are,

San Francisco offers a community, as imperfect as it always has been, that will see you. Sometimes it won’t. Sometimes San Francisco is more Zuckerbergs city then it is the peoples city. Sometimes its more a land for the elite to experiment then it is a place where we remember the Ohlone. Sometimes it feels like this city represents nothing but loss. But when you turn the corner and you see the people. Could be a young group of thirteen year olds yelling at their homies on the 48 at 24th and Mission. Could be any reminder. Any reminder that smacks you like five-star to the back. The people are still here. no matter the loss, there are still black and brown babies born here. revolutionary meetings happening in the cuts. Folks of all backgrounds who are really down with true community, not that fake ass ultra woke shit. Vibrant queer communities chilln. Skaters looking out for the young homies. Graffitti writers dedicating their life to the illest styles the world has ever seen. Homegirls creating their own businesses. Elders chilln on the block for hours on end. Panederias where shit is till cheap in this expensive ass city. Studios on random streets where homies create some fucking heat.

Frisco is here. A lot of Frisco isn’t here. A lot of Frisco is forgotten. But some that is forgotten lives in the people here. In the sound of someone yelling Erraaay. In the way people hold themselves. What happened, and what lived can never be erased. The people of San Francisco represent love amidst hate. Community amidst loss. Resistance despite conformity. The people of San Francisco represent more then Frisco could ever know.

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