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In our ever-evolving effort to be as accessible as possible, admission to this year’s festival events is pay-what-you-can. On program pages, you will see the option to register for a Free, $5, $20, or $100 ticket. Thank you for taking what you need and giving what you can. By doing so, you are helping us spread our programming to as wide an audience as possible. Our permanent policy at SFUFF is that no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

→By purchasing a $100 ticket, you cover the cost for one community member to attend the whole festival who does not have the resources to pay.

→ A $20 ticket covers the cost of your admission for one event.

→ A $5 ticket and a No-Cost ticket are available for community members who do not have the resources to pay full price.

Check out all of this year’s programs now!


Please find venue-specific protocol on each program page. In general, masks are required in indoor spaces at all times, and in outdoor spaces when not eating or drinking.

We’re excited to be back in person together. Please stay home if you are feeling ill.

If you have any questions, please email us.


Live captioning is available by request. Please email us with the name of the program you would like to attend. Although we cannot promise due to limited budgets, we will try to accommodate all requests.

Whenever available, films inlcude closed captioning.  Please email us for a full list of films. 

All live panel discussions held on YouTube Live have auto-captioning available. Recognizing the shortfalls of YouTube auto-captioning, here is an alternative auto-captioning service to try.

Although we make progress on our accessibility standards every year, we aren’t yet where we’d like to be and we thank you for your patience. Please check out our friends at Superfest, who are leaders in film festival accessibility.

If you have any questions, please email us.


We are so grateful for our small team that makes it all come together. Deep thanks to the folks below who have supported us over the past year.

Marketing Strategy – Hannah Moore 
Marketing Coordination + Social Media  – Hannah Moore, Kavya Palepu
Web Developer  – Omeed Manocheri 
Website Support – Nikki Diaz, Mu-Ping Cheng, Anastasiia Budnyk
Graphic Design – Hannah Moore, Josh Sanders, Omeed Manocheri, Susannah Smith 
Volunteer Coordination – Reanna Tong, Kristal Celik
House Manager – Reanna Tong, Chris Cummings
House Staff – Mu-Ping Cheng, Julie Doherty, Lex Sloan, Ana Budnyk, Leila Ahmadifar, Liz Tracey, Judy Graboyes, Aireen Batungbakal
Bloggers – Maisie Jackson, Reanna Tong, Bobby Lu, Kavya Palepu, Omar Masry