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A silhouette of a pianist playing the piano in a dark room. Shorts

A Concerto is a Conversation

Film A Concerto is a Conversation Directed by Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers A virtuoso jazz pianist and film composer tracks his family's lineage through his 91-year-old grandfather from Jim Crow…
A silhouette of a Black man, backlit by a dim violet colored screen light. Shorts

A Galaxy Sits in The Cracks

Film A Galaxy Sits in The Cracks Directed by Amber Love A short documentary in 6 parts, “A Galaxy Sits in the Cracks” engages with the ways Black communities…
Two Black women stand side by side, dressed in vibrant futuristic apparel and space helmets. Shorts

Black Space

Film Black Space Directed by Afatasi The Artist San Francisco has a reputation of being a liberal and progressive city, but not for all residents.
Artwork projection with caption: "There was an energy and feeling of community pride that had seemed hidden." Shorts

City Is Alive Bayview Murals

Film City Is Alive Bayview Murals Directed by Susannah Smith Mini docs about several murals located in Bayview Hunters Point SF that depict the neighborhoods everyday heroes.
A man sits solemnly in a field of tall grasses; his face mask states: "Solidarity Forever Collective" Shorts

Dedicated to Those Who

Film Dedicated to Those Who Directed by Jules Retzlaff A hybrid doc and visual album exploring the struggles of the past, present, and future San Francisco.
94124 When Did You Fall In Love With Art? Shorts

When Did You Fall In Love With Art?

Film When Did You Fall In Love With Art? Directed by Elisha Rochell This short film focuses on when individuals who reside or have resided in Bayview Hunters Point and when…
Leon Sun, an elderly Asian man, working in his art studio. Shorts

Leon Sun

Film Leon Sun Directed by James Q. Chan A meditation on finding identity through art, activism, and community.
a portrait of a man and woman sitting with each other but looking sternly in opposite directions Shorts


Film Merkato Directed by Sosena Solomon Merkato Journeys through the largest open air market in Africa, documenting the daily lives of four merchants and…
A portrait of Mike Evans, a young Black man, cautiously and inquisitively looking upward. Shorts

Rent Check

Film Rent Check Directed by Jules Retzlaff, Mike Evans Jr Mike, a young Black comedian, is conflicted upon discovering his brother's career.
A black and white photo of an alleyway of the South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco in the 70s

Sa Amin

Film Sa Amin Directed by Dyan Ruiz, Nix Guirre Filipino community activists and multigenerational families in San Francisco’s South of Market claim a right to the city…
A man pruning a tree with a knife Shorts


Film Southernmost Directed by Lindsey Shavers, Max Shavers, Sydney Shavers Southernmost - Celebrating Key West's Black History
Two artists paint a large mural featuring women of color and monarch butterflies. Shorts

The Spirit of the Fillmore

Film The Spirit of the Fillmore Directed by Sophie Constantinou Citizen Film produced a short film about the process of developing and designing the mural on the Rosa…
a man holds a young child in his lap sitting in an armchair on the rooftop; backdropped by a night skyline Shorts

Torre David

Film Torre David Directed by Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz Torre David, a 45-story office tower in Caracas under construction, abandoned following the death of its developer and…
A Black woman sits next to a stone engraved "America Sands: 1870-1926 Gone from this earth but not from our hearts" Shorts

Village with a Voice

Film Village with a Voice Directed by Damali Shakur Phipps A video corrugating some of the voices still remaining in Bahama village (in 2019).