Join us for the premiere of Sa Amin (Our Place) on May 26th!

We are proud to announce the long-awaited premiere for Sa Amin (Our Place), a new documentary film by the directors Dyan Ruiz and Nix Guirre, and produced by SF Urban Film Fest. The film tells the story of Filipino community activists and multigenerational families in San Francisco’s South of Market (SoMa) claiming a right to the city as they battle displacement caused by urban renewal, real estate speculation and tech booms, and in doing so are sustaining SoMa as the cultural heart of the Filipino-American community.

The promise of the future shouts adventure and new hopes. But thinking about the future does not have to mean blasting off to unknown worlds—leaving us, our problems, and our places behind.  Urban futures will not be found in the metaverse. The metaverse, with its incomplete and inequitable fantasies, of digital rather than social networks, is the pathway to dystopia and disconnection. For us, a radiant urban future means standing in the reality of our concrete neighborhoods with real people. It means imagining with compassion and clarity–about piecing ourselves and our community back together with the glue of our common good. Right here, right now.



We are so excited to convene in person again! And safely. Each event this year will take place in-person at a site throughout the City with relevance to the program. Most are outdoors. Each program will also be live-streamed if you prefer to attend virtually.

Please find COVID protocols on each program page, as they will vary slightly. At a minimum, guests will be required to wear masks in an enclosed setting.