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Tell It Like It Is: Conversations Between the Global North and South on Design and Community Life in Human Settlements

  • 120 mins

Photo: Torre David, Urban-Think Tank, 2014

Join a conversation between filmmakers and practitioners whose work and personal histories straddle the worlds of the Global North and South. We will explore questions of formality and informality of design and their impacts on community life, and vice versa, in human settlements. The evening will include a screening of short international documentary films that offer a glimpse of an open air market in Addis Ababa, a well organized squat of an abandoned office tower in Caracas, and Rwandan architects reflecting on their role in rebuilding their nation. The screening will be followed by a discussion moderated by University of San Francisco Professor of Architecture and Urban Studies, Tanu Sankalia. This program is also an opportunity to discuss the opportunities and challenges of understanding places through mediated experiences like film screenings.

Join us virtually via the live stream.

Curation by Fay Darmawi


Tanu Sankalia (Moderator), Professor of Architecture, University of San Francisco 

Beatrice Hati, Urban coordinator at the International Center for Frugal Innovation, ICFI (Kenya Hub)

Yesica Prado, Activist and Filmmaker Yesica-Prado


Sosena Solomon, Filmmaker of Merkato


In this program

a portrait of a man and woman sitting with each other but looking sternly in opposite directions


Directed by Sosena Solomon

Merkato Journeys through the largest open air market in Africa, documenting the daily lives of four merchants and their interconnected relationship with the market.

a man holds a young child in his lap sitting in an armchair on the rooftop; backdropped by a night skyline

Torre David

Directed by Markus Kneer and Daniel Schwartz

Torre David, a 45-story office tower in Caracas under construction, abandoned following the death of its developer and collapse of the Venezuelan economy, and today, the improvised home of more than 750 families, living in an extra-legal occupation that some call a vertical slum.

two people walking along a passageway of an aery space with empty lounge chairs in the foreground

The Lo-Fab Movement: Mackenzy Vil

Directed by Thatcher Bean

We have to use the process of rebuilding to rebuild lives.

a small crowd of people gathered in an outdoor courtyard of a residential building

Architecture and Peace [Beyond the Building]

Directed by Thatcher Bean

How can we use architecture to contribute to peace, to heal conflict, to instill dignity, to promote justice?

Dates & Times


Virtual Event

Wed, Mar 9
6:30 pm