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Urban Flourishing and Migrant Lives

  • 120 mins

The story of the immigration crisis is prominent in the news. Without diminishing the very real chaos and human toll of America’s broken immigration system, we should not forget the lives behind the news. Those stories call for our moral attention and serious answers rather than petty slogans. This program highlights the stories of people, such as Matar, an asylum seeker in England who gets by on bicycle delivery gigs, and the folks in Undocujoy and Between Us Women, who strive and struggle to find peace, opportunity, and safety in new lands and communities. People like those depicted in the films we present in this program are our neighbors and contribute to the life of our cities. Their stories reveal their hopes and travails, which brings life to their part in the shared narrative of our urban lives. We should be attentive to their stories, because stories like theirs make us who we are and will form what we will, as a city and a region, will become. San Francisco is a sanctuary city and is a place enlivened by its long history of migrants settling here and throughout the Bay Area and Northern California to make a life, raise families, start enterprises of all sorts, and link us in the common goal and act of flourishing.

Nadia Tavera, Coordinator with the Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams (NEAT) at the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, will be interpreting for this program.

Doors open 5:00; Program 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Curator: Ron Sundstrom


Ron Sundstrom
(moderator), SFUFF Humanities Advisor, Professor of Philosophy, University of San Francisco

Reverend Deborah Lee, Executive Director, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Lariza Dugan Cuadra,
Executive Director, Central American Resource Center of Northern California (
Carecen SF)

Shauna Siggelkow, Director of Digital Storytelling, Define American

Bryan Martinez,
Community Member


In this program

Close shot photo of young brown skinned woman with shoulder length hair, head slightly thrown back in laughter, eyes almost closed


Directed by Monica Medellin

#UndocuJoy combats victimizing representations of people who are undocumented by flooding the media with authentic images of happiness.

Close shot young olive complexioned man in narrow graffit covered hallway


Directed by Hassan Akkad

An asylum seeker in England is forced to live on the fringes of society and rely on his bike to survive.

Portrait photo of Latino man in 60s or 70s with goatee and baseball cap, stripes of U.S. flag visible in background

The Golden Cage: Life in the Border Colonias

Directed by Shauna Siggelkow

A rare glimpse into life in the Southern US border communities called colonias.

Young Latino man in busy backstage dressing room helps adjust large platinum wig on performer with back to the camera

Between Us Women: Undocumented and Trans

Directed by Shauna Siggelkow

In 2017 under the threat of a Trump presidency and restrictive anti-LGBTQ laws, the trans, undocumented Latina community of North Carolina find strength in each other, but their community is disappearing.

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