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Queer Third Spaces: Resurgence and Resilience

  • 210 mins
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PLEASE NOTE: ONLINE TICKET REGISTRATIONS FOR THIS PROGRAM ARE SOLD OUT. If you already have an online ticket registration, we strongly advise you to arrive when doors open at 5:00 pm. If you are not inside the venue before 5:50 pm when the rush line opens, we may not be able to admit you until other guests exit the building due to venue capacity limits.

RUSH TICKETS may be available at the door, pending capacity. We will begin admitting people in the RUSH ticket line starting 5:50 pm, about ten minutes before the program starts at 6:00 pm.  

So please arrive as early as you can!


The strength and solidarity of queer community deepens in the midst of local and global anxieties related to political and social destabilization, rapid technological reformulations, and post-pandemic economy. This is evident in the preponderance of third spaces surviving – and even new ones being established – for and by LGBTQ+ people. These spaces range from cafes and community centers, art galleries and performance venues, bars and clubs, parks and plazas. These places are the venues for community organizing, mutual aid, performing queer culture, socializing and building political capital. In conversation with a 2017 SFUFF Program on the demise of queer bars in the Mission District, this program will celebrate how LGBTQ+ communities work tirelessly in spite of structural forces to keep them and their allies oppressed.

5:00pm Doors Open, Bar Open

  • Digital exhibition “Renegades” of Photography by Chloe Sherman

6:00pm – 8:00pm Program

  • Live Drag Performance by Per Sia
  • Film Screenings
  • Panel Discussion

8:00pm – 9:00pm Closing celebration with the STUD, SFUFF Artists and Filmmakers

Curator: Robin Abad

Presenting Artists:

Per Sia, Drag Performer and Educator

Chloe Sherman, Photographer



Robin Abad (Moderator), SFUFF Program Curator, Urban Planner

Meg Shutzer, Filmmaker “Mother”

Honey Mahogany, Co-Founder of the Transgender District, Co-Operative Owner of the Stud Collective, Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza Honorary Committee member 

Malia Spanyol, Founder and Owner, Mother Bar


In this program

Movie poster for Viva 16 with portraits of Ronnie Salazar and Mahogany and other text promoting the video

¡Viva 16!

Directed by Augie Robles, Tina Valentin Aguirre

The onset of the AIDS epidemic in the LGBTQ Latinx community in San Francisco, a testimony to the resilience, love, and hope that emanated from 16th Street.

Computer aided architectural rendering of proposed re-design for Harvey Milk Plaza, dusk just outside entrance to train station, a round marble two-tiered dais ringed with strips of light, two people standing on top speaking to a small assembled crowd

Harvey Milk Plaza: The Power of Place

Directed by Corey Leavitt

a short documentary that uses an architectural redesign project to examine the importance of distinctly queer public spaces.

Closeup shot someone hand holding photo of two people, one femme, one butch in a bar mugging for the camera

Mother (documentary trailer)

Directed by Brandon Yadegari Moreno, Meg Shutzer

In San Francisco, Malia Spanyol, a self-identified dyke sets out to build a space for women and femmes.

Stop the Movie (Cruising)

Directed by Jim Hubbard

The demonstrations against the filming of the movie “Cruising.”

Dates & Times



Sun, Apr 21
5:30 pm