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The Golden Cage: Life in the Border Colonias

Directed by Shauna Siggelkow

This short documentary provides a rare glimpse into life in the Southern border communities called colonias. Over the past 20 years, Colonias have become common entities along the U.S. Mexico border, stretching from Arizona through Texas. A Colonia, which translates simply to “a town” in Spanish, has a more nuanced definition in this context. It is defined as county-owned property that has been subdivided and leased for residential use. These plots of land were sold with little to no infrastructure for its inhabitants: no running water, no electricity, no access to public transportation.

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Text reads: Urban Flourishing and Migrant Lives, Tuesday 4/16, 5:30 pm–7:30 pm, SF Public Library, Main Branch, Inset photo of Person in front of mirror in dramatic makeup putting on earings, wearing large blonde wig

Urban Flourishing and Migrant Lives

San Francisco is a sanctuary city and is enlivened by its long history of migrants settling here to make a life, raise families, start enterprises and link us in the common goal and act of flourishing.

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