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Trans World-Building

  • 120 mins

Ten years after the “Transgender Tipping Point,” it’s clear that the only thing that has “tipped” forward is the proliferation of laws and discourses which aim to limit trans life-building. Predominant conservative arguments from writers published in mainstream outlets who identify as “gender critical” (neé “TERF”) abound, “transvestigations” of celebrities and athletes multiply online, and more and more legislation targeting trans people seems to be introduced each day. In the mainstream imagination, trans adults are groomers, pedophiles, and deviants who should be limited in how and when they take up public space; and trans youth are confused, damaged, and should be restricted from making decisions about how to be and build a new world.

Within this trans-antagonistic atmosphere, this program asks: how do gender-expansive people shape the spaces they occupy, even as they are restricted within them?

For this program only, the panel discussion will be recorded and uploaded on to the SF Urban Film Fest YouTube channel after the festival.

Doors open 5:30; Program 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Curators: Kaiya Gordon & LB Byrd


Kaiya Gordon (moderator), Trans Studies Doctoral Student, Department of Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Jill Hill, Writer/Editor/Director/Producer, Kill Your Landlord

Lalu Ozban, Producer, The Neighbour

Wriply Bennet, Transgender, Gender Variant, and Intersex Justice Project Visual Communications Specialist

Kazani Finao, Founder of – Shine Wit Purpose & Student at CCSF major in Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies


In this program

Young olive complexioned masc-presenting person at front door holding a platter of cake slices

The Neighbour

Directed by Cedoy

The everlasting housing problems of trans communities in Istanbul.

Green and black duotone of young Black masc-presenting person in room with posters haphazardly pinned on one wall


Directed by Jill Hill

In the city of Scam Francisco, three roommates find a hidden kitchen behind one of the walls of their one room apartment.

3 Black femme-presenting dancers all in the same teal dress walk across pedesytrian bridge with back to the camera

A Bird Called Memory

Directed by Leonardo Martinelli

A trans woman, tries to find Memory in the streets, but the city can be a hostile place.

Young Black masc-presenting person close-up in profile, sun just above the trees in the distance bathing everything in a warm glow

Passing: Profiling the Lives of Young Transmen of Color

Directed by J. Mitchel Reed, Lucah Rosenberg-Lee

Profiling the lives of three young transmen of color.

Dates & Times


The Tenderloin Museum

Thu, Apr 18
6:00 pm