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Makers of History

Directed by Ryan Stopera

The Golden Eagles of Ginew is part of a documentary series by Free Truth, a media company using art as a tool for liberation. Free Truth received grant funding from CURA at the University of Minnesota to produce a documentary series on the housing crisis in Minneapolis. For the final episode of the series, Free Truth Co-Director and filmmaker Ryan Stopera partnered with The Golden Eagles of Ginew to explore what home means to Native American youth, while interviewing houseless community members at the encampment across the street from the American Indian Center, where the Golden Eagles program resides. All of the community members who shared their stories affirmed the historical violence that colonization has had on Native American communities throughout history, and its impact on those experiencing the impacts of the housing crisis today. They emphasized the resiliency of Native American community members to support each other in the face of historical trauma, their ability to build community together no matter where their home may be, and the power that Native youth have if we create space for them to share it.

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woman sits in the driver seat of a parked car, with the door open and legs resting on the pavement, holding a baby.

People-Led Solutions: Models of Our Shared Future

Panel Discussion: Fri 2/19 6:30 pm PST

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