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two people wearing face masks embrace Rental Films, Shorts

Before It Was Them, Now It’s Us

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Film Before It Was Them, Now It’s Us Directed by Gabrielle Lurie, Manjula Varghese The Bayview community reflects on how the pandemic has impacted their lives.
The words "COOKED, SURVIVAL BY ZIP CODE" pasted on top of a city map of Chicago. Features, Rental Films

COOKED: Survival by Zipcode

Film COOKED: Survival by Zipcode Directed by Judith Helfand Cooked: Survival by Zip Code tells the story of the tragic 1995 Chicago heatwave, the most traumatic in U.S....
people gardening in front of a building mural with a butterfly Features, Rental Films


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Film Dreamhood Directed by Cigdem Slankard DreamHood examines life in the International Village neighborhood in Cleveland, OH and captures the transformation of a community...
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EJI’s Community Remembrance Project

Film EJI’s Community Remembrance Project Directed by Equal Justice Initiative Equal Justice Initiative's campaign to recognize victims of lynching.
man standing in grass in front of tall letters "HERE" Rental Films, Shorts

Homeless First

Film Homeless First Directed by Anka Karewicz, Travis Schimer “Homeless First” follows the Berkeley encampment known as “First They Came for the Homeless,” a group of houseless...
a woman standing on top of a platform Rental Films, Shorts

LandMarked Part 5

Film LandMarked Part 5 Directed by Ada Pinkston A tribute to Fannie Lou Hamer.
mural of a lady with flowers and writing that says "I see generations" Rental Films, Shorts

Makers of History

Film Makers of History Directed by Ryan Stopera The Golden Eagles of Ginew is part of a documentary series by Free Truth, a media company using...
Yesica. a woman, refilling water jug from outdoor faucet Rental Films, Shorts

Quarantine Diary

Film Quarantine Diary Directed by Yesica Prado Photojournalist Yesica Prado shares her personal experience of living in an RV during quarantine in Berkeley.
man standing around debris from fire Features, Rental Films

Rebuilding Paradise

This rental is no longer available

Film Rebuilding Paradise Directed by Ron Howard On the morning of Nov. 8, 2018, a spark from a transmission line in Northern California, coupled with...
people gathering around a potted tree on a sidewalk Rental Films, Shorts

reimagining the city, as our own

Film reimagining the city, as our own Directed by Irene Gustafson Who has the right to the city? Who is allowed to linger on its streets, to see oneself...
A person sits on a motorcycle and puts their hand in the back pocket of their partner. Rental Films, Shorts

Spirit never dies, only transitions.

Film Spirit never dies, only transitions. Directed by Logan Lynette A documentary about Blackness moving through space and time.
A large pile of stones in a below-ground memorial Rental Films, Shorts

JohnMcAslan + Partners and MASS Design Group, UK Holocaust Memorial Proposal

Film JohnMcAslan + Partners and MASS Design Group, UK Holocaust Memorial Proposal Directed by John McAslan, Michael Murphy, Thatcher Bean We believe that now more than ever memorials must strengthen our resolve for justice and tolerance. Our memorial...
child on pavement with painted U.S. states Features, Rental Films

Where the Pavement Ends

Film Where the Pavement Ends Directed by Jane Gillooly WHERE THE PAVEMENT ENDS transports viewers to Missouri towns Kinloch and Ferguson, examining the shared histories and deep...
People crowd a plaza in Dresden where three busses are propped up to stand tall in the sky. Features, Rental Films

Where To With History

Film Where To With History Directed by Hans Christian Post Conservative architecture policies in Dresden has in significant ways helped pave the way for the right-wing-surge that currently…