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SFUFF 2014

  1. 5 Blocks

    Dan Goldes, Robert Cortlandt / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / WIP / 8 mins
    A work-in-progress tracking the radical changes in the five block area of Mid-Market, San Francisco since prior to the recent tech-boom to the present.

  2. Every Speed

    Julia Fuller / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2013 / 7 mins
    An atmospheric and experiential exploration of able and disabled bodies moving through urban spaces and negotiating transport options.

  3. Impossible Light

    Jeremy Ambers / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2013 / 70 mins
    A full-length documentary about the San Francisco Bay Bridge “Bay Lights” sculpture which was realized in an impossible timeframe of two years.

  4. Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco: The Fillmore

    Peter L. Stein / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 1999 / 84 mins
    Part of a PBS series on neighborhoods, this segment tells the story of San Francisco’s premier Japanese-American and African-American community and the profound impact urban renewal had on the fabric of American cities, including that of the Fillmore in San Francisco.

  5. Plan of the City

    Joshua Frankel / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2011 / 15 mins
    A classical ensemble blasts around in an urban universe to upbeat tunes. Perhaps the first urban planning music video.

  6. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

    Chad Freidrichs / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 2012 / 79 mins
    A full-length documentary about the people who created a community in an inhospitable public housing project in St. Louis, MO.

  7. Rock the Boat

    Thea Mercouffer / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 2011 / 54 mins
    A full-length documentary about citizens reclaiming the LA River and winning over the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reverse its own work and return the waterway to its original state.

  8. Saving The City

    Ron Blatman / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / WIP / 20 mins
    A work-in-progress which includes a segment comparing two neighborhoods designed from scratch - Mission Bay in San Francisco and a similar neighborhood in Vancouver, Canada.

  9. Urbanized

    Gary Hustwit / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 2011 / 85 mins
    A full length documentary about the innovative responses to rapid urbanization by the cities of Bogota in Columbia, Santiago in Chile, Cape Town in South Africa, and Stuttgart, Germany.

  10. Walk At Her Own Risk

    Dolly Tolles / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2014 / 10 mins
    A story of a young woman reconstructing her life after a recent pedestrian collision in San Francisco. (commissioned by Walk SF)