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  1. Protest and Celebration in Our Shared Spaces

    SFUFF 2018 / 120 mins
    Early bird on-line ticket sales will end at 4pm Sunday 11/11. Tickets available at the door at the Roxie! This program will explore how public spaces are venues for civil disobedience, protest, and celebration. We will also examine how notions of public change with the times and across cultures; and the implications of private entities increasing their role in providing and regulating open spaces.

    In This Program: Urban Art Demands Justice: A Drive Through Ciudad Juárez, The Headwearshop: Black Lives Matter, Velo Visionaries – Chris Carlsson, Women’s March Film

    Protest and Celebration in Our Shared Spaces

    Roxie Theater
    November 11, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door

  2. The City That Holds Us

    SFUFF 2018 / 150 mins
    On-line ticket sales will end at 4pm. Tickets will be available at the door at SPUR starting at 5:30pm today. All people who define themselves as New Yorkers, Tel-Avivians or Montréalais have some things in common with others who hold the same self-definition. But that sense of belonging does not necessarily compromise other affinities. How do some cities enable a multitude of identities and coexistence? The short films in this program explore identity in the city, including the unique approach of the documentary short film "#6261" on strangers-neighbors who share a relationship with this number in Montreal, and "Life-Sized City - Episode 5:Tel-Aviv", exploring a city in conflict through grassroots urban initiatives that transcend religious, political and class boundaries.

    In This Program: Life-Sized City – Episode 5: Tel Aviv, #6261, Al Ghorba, Life in Gray, The New York Woman

    The City That Holds Us

    November 12, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door

  3. Infrastructure for Equity

    SFUFF 2018 / 150 mins
    Infrastructure, whether in the form of transit, highways, or public housing, has been used to divide and degrade communities, and yet there are stories of resistance and people fighting to thrive anyway. And in recent years, local governments are learning from past mistakes as they embark on initiatives to weave a more unified city through urban design. Join us for screening of films selected from international and local submissions, including the Swiss filmmaker Zoel Aeschbacher’s narrative short “Bonobo” and local filmmaker Serghino Roosblad‘s documentary film about Oakland’s MacArthur Maze, followed by a lively panel discussion.

    In This Program: Bonobo, Hollamby’s Hill, The Maze, Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Infrastructure for Equity

    November 13, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door

  4. Rules in Reality: Understanding the Human Story in California’s Housing Crisis

    SFUFF 2018 / 60 mins
    This presentation puts a human face on California’s housing crisis. Jonathan Pacheco Bell, a zoning enforcement planner in Los Angeles County, will tell the story of the Medina Family from the South Central L.A. community of Florence-Firestone, who built an informal granny flat for extra income after the sudden passing of their head of household. An anonymous complaint triggered an inspection and eventual demolition of the dwelling for code violations. It was Jonathan himself who ordered its removal. Audience members will understand the emotional rollercoaster the family endured while embroiled in this regulatory process, and Jonathan’s inner conflict with the outcome.
    Rules in Reality: Understanding the Human Story in California’s Housing Crisis

    November 14, 2018 12:30 pm Tickets Available at Door

  5. Sports In The City – For Economy or Community?

    SFUFF 2018 / 120 mins
    Professional athletic sports dominate the attention of City Hall and mass media, but often it’s the grass-roots sports programs that provide historically marginalized youth a connection to each other, the larger athletic community and the city as a whole. The “White Elephants” film questions the impact of a waterfront stadium project in Cape Town, South Africa, as the “Futbolistas 4 Life” and the “City Surf Project” films bring Bay Area empowerment stories to life. Join us at this special screening event and panel discussion with speakers who represent many sides of this issue, including sports activist and educator Dania Cabello, who is featured in “Futbolistas 4 Life”.

    In This Program: City Surf Project, Futbolistas 4 Life, White Elephants

    Sports In The City – For Economy or Community?

    Roxie Theater
    November 14, 2018 6:30 pm Tickets Available at Door

  6. Collective Memory in the Civic Commons

    SFUFF 2018 / 60 mins
    Public Spaces are encoded with meaning, and every person experiences them in a unique and specific way. These places are shaped by the decisions of governments, institutions, communities, and individuals. At the same time, their location, design, and regulating mechanisms shape forms of social organization and activity. This program will feature a collection of shorts exploring human stories about how places transform through different eras in response to our evolving societal expectations of these public spaces, their meanings, and their possibilities.

    In This Program: Connection, Iceberg – Perestello 3.0, Redemption Square

    Collective Memory in the Civic Commons

    November 15, 2018 12:30 pm

  7. Street Art as Political Currency

    SFUFF 2018 / 120 mins
    Murals are a powerful form of art that expose us to beauty while oftentimes critiquing political and social conditions. The act of painting murals often brings people together through a sense of affinity and shared purpose, while at the same time offering challenges to regimes of power, expressing dissent, of simply revealing alternate points of view. This program is collection of shorts focusing on visual and graphic art in the public realm as a way of expressing and cultivating social capital; and will explore how mural artists around the world are engaged in a practice that provokes and unites.

    In This Program: Not With Fire, but with Paint, Painting the Town, Concrete Canvas, The Dream Kontinues

    Street Art as Political Currency

    San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Public Knowledge Annex
    November 15, 2018 6:00 pm

  8. Warm Souls, Cold World

    SFUFF 2018 / 90 mins
    Be sure to bring your bus fare as our journey will begin with “Hotel 22”, a short film about bus line 22, a frequent destination for the homeless population of Silicon Valley. The “Snow Mountain” film tells the story of a mother and her son dreaming of a better life while they spend the night “camping”. Told from the point of view of a child, and shot with a handycam, “Crisanto Street” provides a hopeful look into the joyful life of young Geovany and his family. “Angel in the Alley” introduces us to the faithful presence of Albertino Garcia who overlooks and protects Olive alley. Finally, the “Viva House” film weaves a story of neighbors uniting to support each other. In a time when extremes of wealth and poverty, these films highlight the value of housing, home, and community.

    In This Program: The Angel in the Alley, Crisanto Street, Hotel 22, Snow Mountain, Viva House

    Warm Souls, Cold World

    City Hope SF
    November 16, 2018 7:00 pm

  9. POSTPONED: Coming Up: Youth Empowerment

    SFUFF 2018 / 60 mins
    This event has been postponed due to bad air quality. We are sorry for any inconvenience. The experience and perspectives of young people do not figure as prominently as they should in our discourse about the state and future of cities. Film and new media provide a rich and immediate way for youth to convey their insights. This program features a collection of incredible short works all created by - or for - young people ranging from middle school to young adults. Panelists include youth filmmakers and their adult allies working at the intersection of youth development and art.

    In This Program: Fenced In, Rise Up, This is February, We Are People

    Coming Up: Youth Empowerment

    xSpace at Youth Art Exchange
    November 17, 2018 1:00 pm

  10. POSTPONED: The Stories We Will Tell: Interactive Media and Placemaking

    Multimedia Performance, Live Documentary, 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018, Documentary, Shorts / 150 mins
    This event has been postponed due to bad air quality. A new date has not been set. Your ticket is transferable to the new date. We also offer refunds. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Virtual reality, 360° video, performance, and live cinema offer the possibility of expansive interactive documentary storytelling that is uniquely spatial. But what blind spots exists when mediamakers and audiences adopt these immersive technologies? How can cities and communities use of these emerging strategies to increase civic participation and greater dialogue? This night starts with a gallery of interactive and VR film experiences, followed by the performance of new work from Vero Majano, Keith Wilson, and a collaboration between City Hope resident Heather Escandon and Adam Snell, followed by a lively panel discussion on the role of interactive media in the future of urban documentary.

    In This Program: BETHLEHEM 360°, City of Sparkles, Gangway, Real Refuge, Remember Los Siete: Chapter 1, ¡Viva La Evolución!

    The Stories We Will Tell: Interactive Media and Placemaking

    November 17, 2018 7:00 pm