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Join our SFUFF community today and become a member at any level.

Your support will cover compensation for our passionate urban planning, media and tech professionals who have so far volunteered their time. It will also cover small business basics, such as accounting and legal expenses. On the revenue side, your support will help offset student discounts, fee waivers to filmmakers and foregone ticket revenues at free film screenings. Please find below the membership level right for you.

Thank you for your enthusiasm!

Urban Basics

Pledge $36

Create a new community.

You’d like to stay informed and inspired but most important to you is sharing the basics with friends and having fun learning about urban planning. This membership level includes the following benefits:

  • SFUFF Weekly Feed

    • Follow Fay Darmawi and her team pitch government officials, comedians, and filmmakers, negotiate with venues, analyze films and decide how to frame issues to maximize audience engagement. You’ll be able to give real time feedback on our progress and in doing so learn the basics of film and urbanism.

  • 2 FREE Guest Passes

    • Bring friends who are not yet members to a film festival event in November – they will get in free!


Urban basics membership


Urban Enthusiast

Pledge $120

Ask hard questions and share ideas.

Joining at this level means you are ready to dive a little deeper into issues affecting your community. You are ready to ask some hard questions. Or you have generated a few ideas of your own and want to share them with others but not sure where to start, this is the level for you. This membership level includes the following benefits:

  • “SFUFF Campfire”

    • Each monthly live-chat Q&A session will feature a special guest working on amazing projects and share specialized knowledge in the fields of social impact storytelling, urban design, transportation, environmental sustainability, housing, social justice, art, and civic engagement. Here’s your chance to ask your hard questions, or bounce off your ideas just like you would at a campfire.

  • Plus all previous rewards


Urban Enthusiast membership



Pledge $216

Pass it forward.

Urbanologists are passionate about cities and believe storytelling can help shape visions of our future. You are ready to pass your wisdom to the wider community. This membership level includes the following benefits:

  • Get Access to Exclusive Film Screenings at a neighborhood movie theater

    • These screenings are exclusive to SFUFF members at this level. We will limit each screening to an intimate in size of about 30 people (but a minimum of 12). They will be held in early spring and summer giving you an opportunity to connect during the year in addition to festival time in November.

  • Donate 2 Guest Passes to A Non-Profit Grantee for their Residents to Attend Patreon Exclusive Film Screenings or SFUFF Festival Film Screenings

    • SFUFF will donate 2 guest passes (in your name or anonymously) to non-profit affordable housing developers to distribute to their residents. In 2016, the grantee will be the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), a 35-year old non-profit housing developer who house over 3,500 low-income residents in the Tenderloin and SOMA neighborhoods.

  • Plus all previous rewards


Urbanologist membership


Non-Profit and Small Biz Sponsor

Pledge $360

Committed to urbanist values.

SFUFF Sponsors are a special breed of leaders, businesses, and organizations who have committed themselves to creating equitable and dynamic cities of the future. You are ready to co-brand yourself with the SF Urban Film Fest and show the world the impact commitment can make. This membership level includes the following benefits:

  • Have your name or logo listed as a “Sponsor” on the SFUFF website and on-screen before and after every film at the film festival

  • Get support to create your own film festival and other events that help further your objectives

    • You want to create your own film festival but don’t know where to start. We are here to help you select films, develop budgets, connect with local filmmakers and frame issues to maximize engagement. Also, you will get access to the SFUFF Film Index containing over 100 films with short synopsis and organized by subject matter.

  • Plus all previous rewards


Non-Profit and Small Biz membership


Investor Circle

Pledge $1200

Become a creator of urban planning media.

You are ready to invest in the future of SFUFF as both a platform for civic engagement and a creator of media content. The small size of the investor circle will allow us to leverage off each other’s knowledge and passion. The pinnacle of success would be an urban planning equivalent of “An Inconvenient Truth” the film that launched a global popular movement to reverse climate change. What if we were able to produce a film that launches a global cities for all movement? This membership level includes the following benefits:

  • Annual Investor Circle Retreat

    • Held at the Ratna Ling Retreat Center located in bucolic Cazadero, CA (Sonoma County). We will be setting the future direction of SFUFF and selecting films and film production teams to invest in. The peaceful grounds and luxurious accommodations allows us to leave the city completely, gain perspective and love our city more when we come back.

  • Plus all previous rewards


Investor Circle membership


If you would like to donate another amount, please email: