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Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco: The Fillmore

Directed by Peter L. Stein

SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 1999 / 84 mins / English / Color / Video


Part of a PBS series on neighborhoods, this segment tells the story of San Francisco’s premier Japanese-American and African-American community and the profound impact urban renewal had on the fabric of American cities, including that of the Fillmore in San Francisco.

Director's Bio

Peter L. Stein is a San Francisco-based media producer and presenter who has enjoyed telling the stories of his native San Francisco in projects for television, film, theater, museums and online. During 11 years at PBS station KQED, he created a wide range of documentaries and series for national public television, including the six-hour series Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco, which garnered a Peabody Award (for “The Castro,” which Peter wrote, produced and directed) and several regional Emmy Awards for “The Fillmore” (writer/producer) and “Chinatown” (executive producer). For 8 years, Peter was Executive Director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He also serves as a Senior Programmer for Frameline, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. His most recent film is about the chef Jacques Pepin and his cooking show which premiered on PBS in 1990, the first of now a very popular genre. More at