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The Stories We Will Tell: Interactive Media and Placemaking

Resheduled events, Multimedia Performance, Live Documentary, 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018, Documentary, Shorts / 150 mins

RESCHEDULED The Stories We Will Tell: Interactive Media and Placemaking

February 1, 2019 7:00 pm


Virtual reality, 360° video, performance, and live cinema offer the possibility of expansive interactive documentary storytelling that is uniquely spatial. But what blind spots exists when media-makers and audiences adopt these immersive technologies? How can cities and communities use of these emerging strategies to increase civic participation and greater dialogue? This night starts with a gallery of interactive and VR film experiences, followed by the performance of new work from Vero Majano, Keith Wilson, and a collaboration between City Hope residents and Adam Snell, followed by a lively panel discussion on the role of interactive media in the future of urban documentary.

This event was postponed due to bad air quality. It has been rescheduled to Feb 1, 2019. Your ticket is transferable to the new date. We also offer refunds. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Moderator: Niki Selken, Designer/Creative Development Lead at Gray Area



Luisa Caldas, Prof. of Architecture, Director of VR/AR Laboratory, UC Berkeley

Keith Wilson, Artist/Filmmaker

Vero Majano, Artist/Filmmaker

Adam Osfield Snell, 360 Filmmaker

Heather Escandon, Real Refuge Co-Creator

Yang Liu, 3D Interactive Engineer/New Media Artist




Doors Open at 7  pm
2 CM Credits
Tickets: $15 early bird/ $20 at the door
Refund Policy: Tickets are non-refundable

In This Program

  1. BETHLEHEM 360°

    Jesse Erica Epstein & Andrea Rollefson. Prod. with Scenic VR / 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018 / USA / 2018
    Once a booming steel mill in which workers fabricated the materials for the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge, the sprawling Bethlehem Plant has since been converted into a casino. This poetic exploration of a changing city confronts the past and future of the American workforce.

  2. City of Sparkles

    Yang Liu & Botao Hu / Virtual Reality / USA
    City of Sparkles is a virtual reality experience of New York City, portrayed through a snapshot of authentic geo-located twitter messages. Through this city built of tweets, the audience can explore the emotional map of city dwellers living online.

  3. Gangway

    Keith Wilson / Live Documentary, SFUFF 2018 / USA / WIP 2018 / 20 mins
    GANGWAY is an immersive live documentary piece about a recently shuttered San Francisco gay bar, The Gangway, site of police raids, queer community organizing and early AIDS activism. Combining archival material, 3D models and performance, the immersive piece explores new models for experiencing lost places and future narratives.

  4. Real Refuge

    Adam Osfield Snell & City of Hope resident / Live Documentary, 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018 / USA / 2018 / 12 mins
    A resident of the City Hope Home uses virtual reality and live narration to guide the audience on her road to recovery and journey to reunite with her daughter. City Hope Home in a sober living facility in the Tenderloin that offers bridge housing for men and women overcoming homelessness, addiction, and incarceration.

  5. Remember Los Siete: Chapter 1

    Vero Majano / Multimedia Performance, SFUFF 2018 / USA / WIP 2018 / 10 mins
    The multimedia performance, Remember Los Siete uses archival film, audio interviews, and personal history, as an artist’s response to the under-documented story of the seven Central American men know as Los Siete, who were accused of killing a white police officer in 1969.

  6. ¡Viva La Evolución!

    Fifer Garbesi in collaboration with VR Play house / 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018 / 2016 / 11 mins
    As American culture streams into Cuba for the first time in 50 years, DJ Joyvan Guevara struggles between the new opportunity for global success and a responsibility to the culture he helped build in the face of commercialization.

Dates & Times

RESCHEDULED The Stories We Will Tell: Interactive Media and Placemaking

February 1, 2019 7:00 pm