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Infrastructure for Equity

SFUFF 2018 / 150 mins

Infrastructure for Equity

November 13, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door


Infrastructure, whether in the form of transit, highways, or public housing, has been used to divide and degrade communities, and yet there are stories of resistance and people fighting to thrive anyway. And in recent years, local governments are learning from past mistakes as they embark on initiatives to weave a more unified city through urban design. Join us for screening of films selected from international and local submissions, including the Swiss filmmaker Zoel Aeschbacher’s narrative short “Bonobo” and local filmmaker Serghino Roosblad‘s documentary film about Oakland’s MacArthur Maze, followed by a lively panel discussion.

Co-Presenter: Livable City  


Moderator: Ron Sundstrom, Humanities Advisor, SF Urban Film Fest/Professor of Philosophy, University of San Francisco



Rachel Brahinsky, Program Director, Urban & Public Affairs, University of San Francisco

Jose Campos, Manager of Planning and Design Review, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII)

Joel Ramos, Former Regional Planning Director, TransForm

Serginho Roosblad, Director, “The Maze”

Pam Uzzell, Director, “Welcome to the Neighborhood”


Doors Open at 5:30 pm
2 CM Credits
Tickets: $10 early bird/ $12 at the door
Refund Policy: Tickets are non-refundable

In This Program

  1. Bonobo

    Zoel Aeschbacher / SFUFF 2018, Narrative, Shorts / Switzerland / 2018 / 18 mins
    When the elevator of their public housing breaks down, the fates of Felix, a disabled pensioner, Ana, a single mother struggling with her move and Seydou, a young man passionate about dance, intertwine towards an explosive ending where their limits will be tested.

  2. Hollamby’s Hill

    Joe Gilbert / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / London / 2016 / Documentary / 6 mins
    Tucked away in South East London is Central Hill housing estate, designed by Edward Hollamby. Like the majority of council housing in London, the estate is under threat by private developers set on demolition and promising 'regeneration'.

  3. The Maze

    Serginho Roosblad / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / USA / 2018 / Documentary / 24 mins
    The MacArthur Maze is one of the most important freeway interchanges in the state of California. But the Maze also cuts through four distinct landscapes that each tell a story of separation and connection.

  4. Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Pamela Uzzell / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / USA / 2017 / 27 mins
    When artist Mildred Howard, daughter of legendary Berkeley activist Mable Howard, loses her South Berkeley home due to soaring rental prices, it costs Berkeley a piece of its history and its legacy. This story of an African American family illuminates both personal power to create possibilities in adversity, and the broader issue of gentrification and a housing crisis that threatens a community.

Dates & Times

Infrastructure for Equity

November 13, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door