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Directed by Shirley Yumeng He

Through an embodied camera eye that moves freely in the in-between place that is an alley connecting two streets, the film evokes a sense of magical realism which gives texture to the meditation on the Chinese-American identity, which can also be characterized as a liminal space.

Plays in

Text reads: Chinatown Rebels Friday 4. 19 6–8 pm, Edge on the Square, SF. Inset photo: Asian man in sunglasses and black leather smoking a cigarette while riding on a motorcycle and stopped at crest of a hill, behind him in the bright hazy distance a steep street, telephone poles and buildings

Chinatown Rebels

Engage with the visioning of the nation’s oldest Chinatown, a place that continues to reinterpret and reinvent itself.

Dates & Times


Edge on the Square

Fri, Apr 19
6:00 pm