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Dupont Guy: The Schiz of Grant Ave

Directed by Curtis Choy

WHO WE ARE forms the unifying theme of “Dupont Guy”. It affirms the legitimacy of Chinese-American (nee Chonk) culture, exploring cross-cultural currents of San Francisco’s Chinatown: assimilation, self-contempt, schizophrenic language, duplicitous behavior (Manilatown Media). This classic film explores cross-cultural currents of San Francisco’s Chinatown and won the Student Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Documentary Award in 1975. In reviewing the film, Hua Hsu, author of the memoir Stay True, says “A punk energy courses through the frenetic, crass, utterly absorbing film essay that conveys the complicated psyche and din of Chinatown.“ Although the “Fall of the I-Hotel” is one of the most recognized films by Curtis Choy, “Dupont Guy”’s poetic urgency is a call to action that reverberates in the present moment.

Plays in

Text reads: Chinatown Rebels Friday 4. 19 6–8 pm, Edge on the Square, SF. Inset photo: Asian man in sunglasses and black leather smoking a cigarette while riding on a motorcycle and stopped at crest of a hill, behind him in the bright hazy distance a steep street, telephone poles and buildings

Chinatown Rebels

Engage with the visioning of the nation’s oldest Chinatown, a place that continues to reinterpret and reinvent itself.

Dates & Times


Edge on the Square

Fri, Apr 19
6:00 pm