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  1. HighRise: Out My Window

    Katerina Cizek, Prod. NFB Canada / 360 Video Documentary, SFUFF 2018, Shorts / 2011
    A journey around the globe through the most commonly built form of the last century: the concrete-slab residential tower. Global HIGHRISE residents share their views on our urban planet. From Bangalore to Beirut, to Sao Paolo, to Chicago and more.

  2. Hollamby’s Hill

    Joe Gilbert / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / London / 2016 / Documentary / 6 mins
    Tucked away in South East London is Central Hill housing estate, designed by Edward Hollamby. Like the majority of council housing in London, the estate is under threat by private developers set on demolition and promising 'regeneration'.
    Plays In:
    Infrastructure for Equity

    November 13, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door

  3. Home is A Hotel

    Todd Sills, Kevin Wong / SFUFF 2016, Shorts / USA / 2016 / 11 mins
    Huan Di and her daughter Jessica live in an 8ft x 10ft room with no kitchen or bathroom. Recent immigrants from China, they navigate a new language and culture while living in Single Room Occupancy Hotels, a vital but fast disappearing housing option for San Francisco's working class.

  4. Hotel 22

    Elizabeth Lo / SFUFF 2018, Documentary, Shorts / USA / 2015 / 8 mins
    Each night in Silicon Valley, the Line 22 transforms from a public bus into an unofficial shelter for the homeless. This short documentary which premiered at Sundance 2015 captures one dramatic night on the Hotel 22 bus.
    Plays In:
    Warm Souls, Cold World

    City Hope SF
    November 16, 2018 7:00 pm

  5. Iceberg – Perestello 3.0

    orizzontale / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / Italy / 2017 / 6 mins
    What's make a urban free space a square? The video made by the Roman architecture studio Orizzontale begins with a problem of identification: how should we call the square in Marranella area that nobody - nor the City nor other institutions, bothered to name? Screening will be in collaboration with Architectural Player.
    Plays In:
    Collective Memory in the Civic Commons

    November 15, 2018 12:30 pm

  6. The Importance of Home

    Priscilla Cohen / SFUFF 2016, Shorts / USA / 2016 / 3 mins
    A film by Wondros, a team of award-winning storytellers, graphic artists, content strategists, and design researchers who are dedicated to building a better world.

  7. Impossible Light

    Jeremy Ambers / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2013 / 70 mins
    A full-length documentary about the San Francisco Bay Bridge “Bay Lights” sculpture which was realized in an impossible timeframe of two years.

  8. In the Wake of Ghost Ship

    Jason Blalock / SFUFF 2017, Films, Documentary, Shorts / USA / 2017 / 21 mins
    Last December, Oakland’s Ghost Ship warehouse fire claimed 36 lives, the nation’s deadliest fire in over a decade. It also set off a wave of scrutiny of live/work spaces across the country. Seven miles from Ghost Ship, a legendary punk collective called Burnt Ramen is fighting back against sudden eviction. This short film won the Golden Gate Award for Best Short Film at the 2017 San Francisco International Film Festival.

  9. Janet Delaney/South of Market

    Fay Darmawi, Janet Delaney, Ken Fisher / SFUFF 2016, Shorts / USA / 2016 / 7 mins

  10. Life in Gray

    Leonardi Martinelli / SFUFF 2018, Shorts / Brazil / 2018 / 15 mins
    The North American premiere of a faux documentary about the ongoing social, political and economical crisis in Brazil, where the government cuts the colors of Rio de Janeiro, turning the city black and white.
    Plays In:
    The City That Holds Us

    November 12, 2018 6:00 pm Tickets Available at Door