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SFUFF 2015

  1. Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott / Narrative, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 1982 / 117 mins
    This 1982 Neo Noir Dystopian Classic depicts a world (set in 2019 LA) where a young Harrison Ford is tasked with chasing down and destroying escaped “replicants” – Humanoid Clones created as slaves, with no rights, and strictly forbidden from existing on the homeworld – Earth.

  2. La Haine

    Mathieu Kassovitz / Narrative, SFUFF 2015 / France / 1996 / 98 mins
    A French film with English subtitles, "La Haine" translates to "Hate". This impactful narrative, starring Vincent Cassel of Ocean's 12 & Ocean's 13, takes us on a gritty, unsettling, and visually explosive look at the racial and cultural volatility in 90’s France. The film's backdrop of Banlieue districts on the outskirts of Paris offers a gold mine of urban planning problems.

  3. Lost Rivers

    Caroline Bâcle / Documentary, SFUFF 2015 / 2012 / 72 mins
    Recounts a time where in almost every city rivers flowed freely. In meeting with visionary urban thinkers, activists, and artists from around the world, this documentary explores why and how they disappeared, and if we could and will ever see them again.

  4. Mannahatta

    Joshua Frankel / Shorts, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2012 / 9 mins
    A work-in-progress music video for an Opera about Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs.

  5. Point of Pride

    Dimitri Moore / Documentary, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2014 / 26 mins
    A documentary film about the Bayview/Hunter's Point neighborhood. A recent Official Selection of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Point of Pride combines archival footage from the 1950's, 60's, and 70's with present-day viewpoints and reactions to these images from the past to create a compelling portrait of a community marked by struggle and fueled by hope.

  6. Souvenirs

    Andre Margerìn / Shorts, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2013 / 9 mins
    Souvenirs explores the philosophy and controversy that surround the thrill-seeking practice of urban exploration in Manchester, England.

  7. Telos: The Fantastic World of Eugene Tssui

    Kyung Lee / Documentary, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2014 / 55 mins
    A journey through the lens of director Kyung Lee as she aims to present an accurate and unvarnished portrait of the social idealist, complex character, and visionary architect Dr. Eugene Tssui.

  8. The Cerebral City

    John Moody / Shorts, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2015 / 11 mins
    An exploration of our urban spaces and the individual, this short film translates a woman’s discovery of Melbourne’s quirky public spaces in the alleys of Melbourne, through the narration of a designer who helped transform Melbourne into the city it is today.

  9. Thomas Hirschhorn: The Gramsci Monument

    Angelo A. Lüdin / Documentary, SFUFF 2015 / USA / 2015 / 94 mins
    From idealistic conception in Paris to the struggles of implementing Lüdin's vision together with locals and residents of Forrest Houses, a public housing project in the Bronx, this documentary takes us behind the creation of the Gramsci Monument.