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The City in History: The Use of Film in Planning & What We Learned from the World of Tomorrow

At its core, Lewis Mumford’s pioneering 1939 documentary film “The City” is a utopian appeal to reason and emotion. The development of cities parallel tracked the rise of motion pictures: rural to urban, silent to sound — serving as witnesses to our changing lifestyles, experiences, and attitudes about an increasingly urban world. In this interactive program, we will be viewing “The City” and discussing the use of film throughout the history of urban planning to examine where it succeeded, where it failed, and what has changed in the use of the medium for imagining and building the future city.

During this session, John Moody will be in conversation with David Vega-Barachowitz, giving commentary while the film is live streaming.


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CM Credits: 1

Curation by Omeed Manocheri


 John-MoodyJohn Moody Creative Director, City Planner, and Designer

David-Vega-BarachowitzDavid Vega-Barachowitz, Director of Urban Design, WXY architecture + urban design

Co-Presented by  AIA San Francisco Center for Architecture and Design  

In this program

New York skyline behind a field of tall grass.

The City

Directed by Ralph Steiner, Willard Van Dyke

A 1930s examination of life in small towns compared to life in cities.

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Watch Party: YouTube Livestream

Mon, Feb 15
12:00 pm