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Storytelling Within the Political Machine: Examining CA Ballot Proposition 15’s Advertisements

Image: Omeed Manocheri

If you voted in California more likely than not you saw at least one thirty second advertisement featuring voters and those affected by proposed legislation sharing their stories. While particularly persuasive these stories can lead to the spread of disinformation. When it comes to the legislative issues that affect our cities television and – more recently – social media advertising may have become the dominant tools in shaping voters minds and ultimately their ballots. At the core of these powerful political tools lies the essence of human history and knowledge, narrative storytelling. Join us in this interactive program as we and our expert panel examine the features of political storytelling and reflect on the outcomes of CA Ballot Proposition 15.


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Curation by Omeed Manocheri


Ynze BijlYnze Bijl Producer/Director

Tenoch FloresTenoch Flores Strategic Communications Consultant

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Wed, Feb 17
12:00 pm