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Crisis of Care

2020 saw the popularization of mutual aid into the mainstream. It’s a beautiful way to live in connection – acknowledging our interdependencies and taking care of our neighbors while allowing others to care for us. At the same time, it is a time-consuming, exhausting way to live long-term. Why do we have to do mutual aid? More importantly, which communities have relied on mutual aid for survival long before COVID? Which systems are threatened when we the people facilitate care for ourselves? Who benefits? What might a coordinated, sustainable solution look like? Join us to take a close look at mutual aid and examine how COVID has thrown in some new twists.


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CM Credits: 1
Curation by Kristal Çelik


Gloria Berry Activist and Local Politician

Mark MelnarMark Molnar Volunteer & Community Support Services Director, Shanti

Cigdem SlankardCigdem Slankard Filmmaker and Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University

Headshot of person wearing glassesRonald Sundstrom (Moderator) SFUFF Humanities Advisor, Professor of Philosophy University of San Francisco

Co-Presented by  Shanti Project  

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people gardening in front of a building mural with a butterfly


Directed by Cigdem Slankard

DreamHood examines life in the International Village neighborhood in Cleveland, OH and captures the transformation of a community…

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