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A Pandemic of Opportunity: What & How to Change the Public Realm

Photo: SF Shared Shared Spaces

Do empty streets mean the city is empty? Silent storefronts, office buildings, public space, and transit — bellwethers for the profound effect that COVID-19 does and will have on the public realm and a healthy civic life. This program acknowledges and looks beyond the dire straits of the past year: office space at 25% capacity, a boom in public meeting places, decreased activity in city centers, a shift away from shared and public transport, & an acceleration in our reliance on digital services.  Yet the chaos has opened opportunities for a more balanced, just, and sustainable urban reality.


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Curation by Robin Abad Ocubillo and Omeed Manocheri


Headshot of person wearing glasses smiles and holds up pointer fingerRobin Abad Ocubillo (Moderator) SFUFF Program Producer, Civil Servant, Urban Designer

Vivian DoumpaVivian Doumpa Planner and Geographer (Athens, Greece)

Jung-In KimJung-In Kim Professor of Architecture, Soongsil University (Seoul, Korea)

Dr. Juliet KahneDr. Juliet Kahne Director of Events, Project for Public Spaces (NYC, USA)

Co-Presented by     Project for Public Spaces

AIA San Francisco Center for Architecture and Design

In this program

empty crosstreets in New York

What a City of Eight Million Looks Like During a Pandemic

Social distancing and mass burials are now a part of New York’s cityscape. Here, front-line workers grapple with their anxieties about how the coronavirus has affected their city.

Two people walk in front of an empty Seoul background

The Streets of Seoul Under Quarantine

Scenes from a day of weirdness under lockdown, as residents of Seoul practice social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

man wearing a hat and face mask looking into the camera with blue skies in the background

The Streets of New Orleans Under Quarantine

Scenes from a week of weirdness under lockdown, as residents of New Orleans practice social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

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Thu, Feb 18
12:00 pm