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  1. Mama Agatha

    Fadi Hindash / SFUFF 2017, Films, Documentary / Netherlands / 2015 / Documentary / 16 mins
    A heartwarming short documentary about Agartha Frimpong, nicknamed ‘Mama Agatha’, who runs a bicycle training program for migrant women in Amsterdam, but ultimately, the film is about the spirit of community and the exhilarating freedom of riding a bicycle.

  2. Never A Cover

    Lauren Tabak & Susannah Smith / Featured Programs, SFUFF 2017, Films, Documentary, Shorts / USA / 2015 / 10 mins
    Short documentary about the Lexington Club, San Francisco’s only Dyke/Queer bar that closed in 2015 after 18 years in business.

  3. The North Pole

    Yvan Iturriaga / Featured Programs, SFUFF 2017, Films, Documentary, Shorts / USA / 2017 / 70 mins
    The North Pole is a political comedy web series about three best friends born and raised in North Oakland, CA, who struggle to stay rooted as their neighborhood becomes a hostile environment. Across seven outrageous episodes, Nina, Marcus, and Benny fight, dream, and plot hilarious schemes to save the place they call home. Facing both gentrification and global warming, they combat evil landlords, crazy geoengineering plots, and ultimately each other.

  4. Take This Hammer

    Richard O. Moore / Featured Programs, SFUFF 2017, Films, Documentary, Shorts / USA / 1964 / 44 mins
    “Take This Hammer” is a documentary film produced and directed by KQED (TV)'s Richard O. Moore for National Educational Television in 1963. It features KQED's mobile film unit following author and activist James Baldwin, as he holds frank exchanges with local people on the street and meets with community leaders in the Bayview and Western Addition neighborhoods.

  5. We Are In Crisis

    Dylan McLaughlin / SFUFF 2017, Films, Shorts / USA / 2016 / Documentary / 3 mins
    A lyrical cry for radical change, a short film made in gratitude to the water protectors, the land, and the water. #NODAPL