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SFUFF 2014

  1. 5 Blocks

    Dan Goldes, Robert Cortlandt / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / WIP / 8 mins
    A work-in-progress tracking the radical changes in the five block area of Mid-Market, San Francisco since prior to the recent tech-boom to the present.

    Precedes: Panel: Mid-Market – How Do You Tell A Story of Neighborhood Change?

  2. Every Speed

    Julia Fuller / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2013 / 7 mins
    An atmospheric and experiential exploration of able and disabled bodies moving through urban spaces and negotiating transport options.

  3. Impossible Light

    Jeremy Ambers / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2013 / 70 mins
    A full-length documentary about the San Francisco Bay Bridge “Bay Lights” sculpture which was realized in an impossible timeframe of two years.

  4. Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco: The Fillmore

    Peter L. Stein / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 1999 / 84 mins
    Part of a PBS series on neighborhoods, this segment tells the story of San Francisco’s premier Japanese-American and African-American community and the profound impact urban renewal had on the fabric of American cities, including that of the Fillmore in San Francisco.

  5. Panel: How To Re-Invent Civic Engagement?

    SFUFF 2014 / Panel
    Panelists: Heidi Sokolowsky, Jane Lin, James Rojas

  6. Panel: Mid-Market – How Do You Tell A Story of Neighborhood Change?

    SFUFF 2014 / Panel
    Panelists: Dan Goldes and Robert Cortland, Michael Epstein, Gary Kamiya, Amy Cohen, Peter Stein

    Preceded by: 5 Blocks, Walking Cinema: Tales of the Hidden City

  7. Plan of the City

    Joshua Frankel / SFUFF 2014, Shorts / USA / 2011 / 15 mins
    A classical ensemble blasts around in an urban universe to upbeat tunes. Perhaps the first urban planning music video.

  8. The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

    Chad Freidrichs / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 2012 / 79 mins
    A full-length documentary about the people who created a community in an inhospitable public housing project in St. Louis, MO.

  9. Rock the Boat

    Thea Mercouffer / SFUFF 2014, Documentary / USA / 2011 / 54 mins
    A full-length documentary about citizens reclaiming the LA River and winning over the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reverse its own work and return the waterway to its original state.