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Skywatchers: The Slow Art of Belonging

Directed by ABD/Skywatchers

Looking back over 10 years of Skywatchers’ relational, durational art making, this documentary film illuminates a pioneering community arts program that’s deeply embedded in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Engendering a growing sense of belonging among its ensemble and deep partnership throughout the Tenderloin, Skywatchers has made boundary breaking multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary performance works in service of celebration, interrogation, disruption, social justice, and community wide transformation. Beginning with one conversation and growing organically into an enduring community wide endeavor, Skywatchers is the work of many hearts and hands. At the center of this are the ensemble members who have led, shaped, interrogated, and created what Skywatchers has become. Gratitude to all of you—from those who joined in for a single event or gathering and those who have been here for a decade, and those who participated behind the scenes and those who are out front in performance. We are today the product of each one of these voices, and we are profoundly grateful for the moments, conversations, and stories shared.

Plays in

Communion and Wellbeing: Arts and Outreach

Rituals of communion, mourning, and celebration express the beating hearts of our communities. Often, community artists assume the…

Dates & Times


Tenderloin Museum

Fri, Mar 10
6:00 pm