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He Had Wings

Directed by Jeanne Marie Hallacy

He Had Wings is a documentary film about the artist Ronnie Goodman, homelessness, and the streets of San Francisco. The half-hour film is a portrait of a prolific artist who created paintings, lino prints, and posters to portray the painful struggle for dignity of an estimated 8000 homeless people in one of the wealthiest cities in the United States.

The story explores Ronnie’s creative spirit as he struggles with substance abuse and the loss of his son to street violence. His artwork gives voice to the unhoused and poor in the City by the Bay, and explores issues of racism, housing and social justice.

He Had Wings follows “Coach” Alton McSween, who became close friends with Ronnie while the two men were incarcerated at San Quentin Prison in California. The two men who have nothing, give everything they can to help others on the street find their agency.

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Dates & Times


Tenderloin Museum

Fri, Mar 10
6:00 pm