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First Angry Man: Screening and Panel

If you ever wondered how the great public ambitions of postwar America collapsed into Reagan era parsimony and the permanent tax revolt, look no farther than Howard Jarvis, whose 1978 ballot initiative, Proposition 13, changed everything in California and beyond. The First Angry Man unpacks the dramatic campaign, its quirky characters, and its enduring consequences. Join SFUFF and SF IndieFest for a post-screening panel discussion with the filmmakers as well as public policy experts who will discuss the current impacts of Prop 13 on homeowners, cities, and the state as a whole, and how a proposed changes to the 1970s era law could fund a stronger California economy going forward.

Co-Presented by SF Indie Fest

Tickets: $15 on SF Indiefest Website


Curated by Fay Darmawi

CM credits pending

In this program

Small tv sits on a kitchen counter showing someone speaking to a crows

First Angry Man

Directed by Jason Cohn

The First Angry Man looks at on the unlikely figure of Howard Jarvis, the man behind California’s polarizing Prop 13 and the beginning of the modern anti-government movement.

Dates & Times


Roxie Theater

Sun, Feb 2
12:30 pm