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Directed by Marie Alarcón

In 2017, South West Roots Artist Catalyst Resident Artists Marie Alarcon, Althea Baird, Ash Richards, Darlene Devore, and Jennifer Turnbull, developed a multidisciplinary project at Bartram’s Gardens with the help of Community Liaison Sophia Poe. The culminating event was a multichannel video installation showcasing Bartram’s Garden’s neighbors and friends as they perform everyday acts of art and movement, highlighting the creative power that has long existed in communities, with a focus on the intimate and personal relationships between place and the communities that interact within it, outside of the involvement of institutions.

Plays in

Two young people sit on a stoop

let me tell you what home looks like

How do Black women artists and activists reaffirm, reclaim, and rewrite to create spaces and narratives of the city that reflect their own experiences and needs?

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