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Welcome to the SFUFF!

Urban planning is the convergence of politics and our physical environment.  It effects everyone, all the time. Urban planning decisions impact where (or whether) you have a place to sleep at night, the ways you get around town, the food you eat, and the air you breathe. Good urban planning can improve your health and even save your life (think protected bike lanes).

Making cities better is a grueling process. Although we all want healthier, safer and more affordable cities, making them a reality is a complicated process that often alienates the folks who need support the most.

The SF Urban Film Fest makes urban planning fun, entertaining, and accessible. That’s why I started the SF Urban Film Fest where urban planning is jargon free, entertaining, innovative, impactful, and fun. All events feature some form of storytelling which you will discover is the most efficient and engaging tool human beings have invented (sorry iPhone!). Our community includes filmmakers, urban planners, artists, architects, real estate developers, activists, tech professionals, college professors, students, government staffers and citizens like you.

At the SF Urban Film Fest, you can:

  • Discover how your city works.

  • Meet people who are making your city a better place to live.

  • Find ways you too can make your city great.

  • Learn to use storytelling to maximize engagement and impact.

See you at the next SFUFF,
Fay Darmawi