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How special places make liveable cities

Posted July 24th, 2017 by SFUFF in General

Check out this interesting TEDx talk by Dr. Antoine Zammit, urban designer and educator at the University of Malta and one of the curatorial school workshop leaders at Valletta 2018 coming up Aug 25-Sept 1.

Also, this is the topic I will be exploring that week:

Curating the Place and the Social: Art as Production of Public Domain

How does the organization of space have an impact on human and other species’ behaviours, and on the creation of the social? In what ways can art interfere with the space to aid the social? This workshop aims to analyse and discuss curatorial research methods as well as personal/particular insights to explore public spaces and social contexts in urban public spaces as well as natural sites. Through curatorial and artistic research and practices, the poetics and the politics of space/place will be juxtaposed and rethought together with the concepts of the social.